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Book Review: The Emperor's New Mind by Roger Penrose


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Chapter 1 presents a holistic view of the Turing Test. We dwell into the details to have the absolute test for an “indistinguishable from human” AI. The Turing Test is one such strong framework for testing an AI system where ‘clever methods’ used by the inquiring human can in practice present a hard situations for the AI at test. How relevant an AI’s behaviour is to act with ‘human flaws’ and how it behaves when posed with the ‘ridiculous’ questions are some of the hard tests within the Turing Test framework. We also talk about consiousness of AI and the concept of ‘pleasure’ and ‘pain’ for an AI. An AI can probably have a -100 to +100 scale for denoting pain and pleasure, respectively. Though what would happen in cases when human’s act impulsively without receiving the complete apprehension of pleasure or pain. The analogy used is that when we are about to touch as hot grill, the reation is impulsive without the need for quantizing pain. This chapter lays the foundation for the following chapters that’ll dwell deeper into conciousness, first from a computer science/mathematical point of view and later in the quantum mechanics framework.

Chapter 2 goes into details of the Turing Machine as an implementation, and the need and significannce of having abstract concept of Turing Machine with the ‘infinite tape’ of I/O for performing computations. E.g. Euclid’s Algorithm for finding HCF is one of the oldest algorithms whose number of steps grows infinitely with the size of numbers. Euclid’s Algorithm was there even before Al Khwarizmi’s book on Algebra came from, that is the origin of the term, Algorithm. Turing Machine is a abstract mathematical concept by Alan Turing in 1935-36 which originated from Hilbert’s posed problem called, Entscheidungsproblem in 1928. The markings on the I/O tape of Turing machine can be considered in binary (for corresponding Denary (base-10) notation). Kurt Godel

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